Tuna Steak with a warm Caper and Tomato Salsa (SERVES 2)


Lake Deborah Salt
2 Tuna Steaks
1 large Red Onion diced
2-3 Sweet Cherry Tomatoes chopped into 1/4s
1 tbls Capers
Juice from 1 Lime
25g Butter


  • Lightly coat tuna steaks in oil and half of the juice from the Lime. Set aside.
  • Drain capers and sprinkle with Lake Deborah salt – set aside.
  • Melt butter in small pan and gently sweat the onion 3-4 mins, add tomatoes; capers and remaining lime juice. Gently heat through.
  • Heat griddle or BBQ to high temperature and cook tuna steaks 30 seconds-1 min on each side, as desired.
  • Spoon salsa on top of tuna steaks, sprinkle with Lake Deborah salt to taste and serve on a bed of dressed rocket leaves.

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